Welcome to the homepage of Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen and the Bian Shen trilogy. The first book was originally written in Norwegian and has been translated into five languages.

Bian Shen is the first book in a trilogy about a group of children that have lived for thousands of years. Given both a miracle and a curse, they have been forced to live through history in the bodies of children. Not able to die, not able to grow up.

It is the day before ARTHUR’s fourteenth birthday. He is about to be reborn again, trapped in an infant’s body, where he will be able to see, hear, feel, and taste just like before. He will have to retrain his muscles, and this is the way it has been for over 7000 years. But then the most extraordinary happens. He wakes up, still being in the same body. He can’t really believe it and thinks that somehow his birthday is the next day, but when he is still there the following day, he knows that something fundamental has changed. And then he is contacted by someone calling themselves the Guardian.

NATHANIEL is a brilliant young man from the US, nearing the finish of his research project. He has devised a mechanism that can track humans from space using satellites, based on the assumption that human brain is so complex that it leaves a fingerprint that can be picked up. When his results show that the world only has 421 inhabitants, he can’t understand what has gone wrong. When he is exposed to the truth by one of the Children, a girl called RAVEN, he is forced into a dangerous world that goes beyond his wildest imaginations.

Kelestriel is the second book in the Bian Shen trilogy. Click below, but be aware that it contains major spoilers.


Hover here for an introduction to Kelestriel! Beware of spoilers!

Kelestriel - Introduction

Kelestriel starts a little over a year after the events in Bian Shen. Yellowstone will explode in four to five years, but Arthur and Raven know that even that catastrophe is just the beginning of Paolo’s plans. They have been working non-stop to figure out what other disasters Paolo has devised, while getting all the Children to join their network, and establishing similar bases to the Library in Paris around the world. But Paolo has not been reborn, providing a constant reminder that there are alien influences that uses the Children as pawns in a game where the stakes are ever higher. In the US, Emma, Nathaniel’s little sister, has finally managed to crack all the codes and riddles that Nathaniel made to ensure that only she could read his story. She now knows the truth of what has happened and decides to go to Paris to talk to Arthur and Raven.